Booking in for your first spray tan can be a frightening thought. We get it, standing stark naked in front of a stranger so they can spray a cold, dark liquid all over you doesn’t sound too great. But we promise it isn’t nearly as bad as you are thinking. If you are currently freaking out at the thought of your first spray tan, or simply want to know what to expect, we have compiled below the Brazilian Butterfly 101 for spray tanning.

Before your spray tan appointment

Hydrate: Drink lots of water before your appointment. Hydrated skin will help absorb the spray tan solution into the skin meaning your tan will last longer!

Exfoliate: It is imperative you exfoliate before you receive a spray tan, just like a painter preps their canvas your skin needs to be prepped too. We recommend using our BB Scrub the night before your spray tan to shed your top layer of dead skin. If you don’t exfoliate, your tan is likely to flake off leaving it patchy and seeing it fade much faster. Pro tip: warm the skin for 5 minutes prior to exfoliating, this will help soften the skin making it easier to exfoliate.

Hair Removal: You will need to remove any unwanted hairs (legs, arms, underarms etc.) at least the day before your appointment. Any hair removal treatments after your spray tan will act as an exfoliant and strip the tan from your skin. We recommend waxing before your spray tan as the hairs grow back slower. Shaving will see your hair return in days seeing you re-shave the area and cause your spray tan to fade.

Deodorant, make up and moisturisers: Deodorant, make up and moisturisers all create a barrier from the spray tan solution being absorbed into your skin. It is recommended you shower before your spray tan appointment removing all moisturisers, deodorants and make up from your skin. If you can’t shower before your appointment, ensure you don’t apply any of these products to your skin. This includes lip gloss! Applying lip balm or gloss before your tan means your lips won’t come along for the colour-change ride.

Loose, dark clothing: Don’t forget to take loose, dark clothing with you to your appointment. This helps to avoid your tan rubbing off your skin whilst it is being absorbed.

During your spray tan

Once you have arrived at your local Brazilian Butterfly salon one of our experienced therapists will greet you and take you through to your treatment room. Once inside the treatment room, they will chat with you about why you are getting a spray tan and advise you on the best solution for your skin. Once the solution has been chosen, they will recommend a time frame for you to leave the solution on your skin to be absorbed, this is usually between 2 – 8 hours depending on how dark you want to be.

The therapist will then provide you with a disposable G-string and hair net and leave you to undress in the treatment room. Once undressed, the therapist will return and ask you to step onto our sticky feet, these keep the spray tan from being absorbed into the soles of your feet! The spray tan will then commence with the therapist spraying the solution onto your body. This sucks in the winter as it’s a little chilly, but don’t fret it will all be over in 5 minutes!

Once the solution is on your skin the therapist will allow you to dry the solution with a hand held dryer and leave the room for you to get dressed. Once dressed you can head over the reception area, here you will be given an appointment card with the earliest and latest times you can wash the solution off your skin! There you go, all done!

Post spray tan

You’ve made it through! The solution has now dried onto your skin and you are free to head home in your loose, dark clothing. We recommend you stay in your loose fitting clothing for the remainder of your treatment to ensure you don’t rub off any of the solution as it is being absorbed by your skin.

Our therapists will talk you through how long to leave your spray tan on your skin to achieve your desired result. After the desired time frame, usually between 2 – 8 hours, you are welcome to have a shower to rinse off any excess solution. To ensure your spray tan lasts as long as possible, with minimum fading we recommend the following:

1. Avoid hot showers, sauna's, spa's and excessive exercise. Your skin naturally sheds every day and your spray tan is attached to those upper layers of skin. If you sweat or rub off these layers, your tan will go too!

2. Moisturise each night with our  BB Tan Extender. Continuously adding moisture to the skin will aid in keeping your skin intact which will see your tan last longer.

3. After showering pat, blot or dab your skin dry. If you rub the towel on your skin, you will rub the tan off!

When you are ready to remove your tan you will require a strong, durable exfoliating mitt to remove your dead skin cells. Our BB mitt can be conveniently hung in the shower and gently removes traces of tan, without ripping, tugging or bruising your skin.

This blog post has been contributed by the experienced therapists at Brazilian Butterfly Williamstown. If you would like to book with the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Williamstown you can book online or phone (03) 9397 0222.