It’s winter. Time to completely neglect moisturising because it’s too damn cold to stand in the bathroom barefoot and lather on freezing cold cream. Plus, who’s going to see? You’ll be draping yourself in at least 8 different layers before you go outside anyway, right?

Until now, this has been my winter beauty routine. Neglect everything and cover up. No wonder my body hates winter just as much as I do.

It sounds silly, but getting a spray tan in winter is one of life’s little joys. It’s amazing how much it can enhance your mood and your confidence.

But there’s a problem. You’ve gone from a porcelain beige to a honey bronze, but your foundation hasn’t come along for the ride. So what do you do when your spray tan doesn’t match your foundation?

Your options depend on what kind of tanner you are.

All-year-round bronze goddess

If getting a spray tan is in your regular beauty routine, then no doubt your make up colour will be closer to your tan colour. Although don’t get caught out between tans, that darker foundation won’t do you any favours when your tan fades.

In this instance, it’s probably best to make the investment in two different foundation shades. Unless your colour is lasting until your very next appointment, having a backup lighter shade will give you proper coverage between sessions and give you the ability to mix the two shades to create the perfect shade to match your skin colour as it begins to fade.

Special occasion transformer

Many of us opt for a spray tan anytime there’s a special occasion that requires us to show a little skin, especially in the winter months. It makes sense, we want people to actually see our new outfit not blind them with our sun-starved skin.

Unless you’re getting your make up professionally done, investing in some make-up true to your new colour is essential. But rather than buy a whole bottle in a colour you will use only once in a while, try getting some samples instead. Many beauty counters or make up stores will offer foundation sample pots for a fraction of the cost of buying a new bottle, or even for free! It’s a great way to get perfect coverage without wastage. The trick is to go after your tan so you can be properly colour-matched.

Sporadic summer glower

If you have random cravings for a spray tan, then invest in a dark BB cream. This will ensure you’re getting some coverage, but that your glowing skin can radiate through. After all, nothing looks better with a tan than a clean, fresh face! The BB cream won’t break the budget either, and is perfect for summer holidays.

Feel like doing something about that winter skin? Fly into your nearest Brazilian Butterfly salon and experience our range of tan colours, which we can pair with your skin tone to create the perfect base.