So, you’ve had your first laser or IPL hair removal treatment, and in all the excitement (and nerves) of the treatment, you’ve forgotten exactly what you are meant to do post-treatment.

Let us remind you...

In the first few days’ post treatment:

Don’t poke the bear: For the first 24 hours’, your skin will be quite sensitive – this is totally normal and nothing to be concerned about! Avoid using deodorant, perfume, aftershave and creams during this time as it is likely they will aggravate your skin, and avoid exfoliating the treated area.

Chill out: Avoid exposing the treated area to heat, or activities that generate heat such as pools, spas, saunas, exercise and intimacy with your partner (soz). After any hair removal treatment, your hair follicles are left open making them prone to dirt, sweat and bacteria to get inside and cause nasty infections or worse still, ingrown hairs!

Listen to the pros: The most important step in your aftercare is using our specially formulated BB Repair. Let’s be clear, you’ve just had intense light penetrate your skin and enter your hair follicles, so you’re going to need something to settle it down. BB Repair has tonnes of Aloe Vera and Gotu Kola in it, which does the job nicely.

But wait, there’s more:

In true Danoz style, the aftercare doesn’t stop there.

We recommend avoiding sun exposure to the treated area for the first 2 weeks after your treatment, which can be hard to do in summer. This is why winter is our busiest time of the year for laser & IPL. If you can’t escape the sun, make sure you apply SPF30+ sunscreen or moisturiser to prevent hyper pigmentation and skin sensitivity.

You can get back to exfoliating your skin 48 hours after your treatment. We recommend exfoliating 2 – 3 times a week to help shed your hair and dry skin. Exfoliating will help minimise the likelihood of those nasty ingrown hairs and will ensure there are no dead skin cells blocking the laser light from reaching your hair follicles at your next treatment.

Unfortunately, waxing can’t be performed at all between your laser hair removal treatments. The light from the laser is attracted to the dark hair within your follicles, without that hair the laser won’t find your follicles to destroy them. If you desperately need to remove your hair in between treatments, we recommend shaving or trimming the area.

If you are considering booking in for laser or IPL hair removal, or are due for your next appointment you can find your nearest salon or book online.

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