Have you ever noticed how much activity we try to cram into every day? There is work, appointments, family, kids, fur babies, fitness, social lives, not to mention fitting in a little bit of ‘me’ time somewhere in there too. Unfortunately, when our lives are packed to the brim the first thing to go is your ‘me’ time.

This doesn’t matter as much through winter with all of the layers we wear, but we will soon be shedding these layers as we come into some warmer weather.

Shorts and a tee, a spring dress or maybe a bikini at the beach, you name it… it’s coming!

At Brazilian Butterfly, we understand that life is busy which is why most of our treatments can be fitted in to a lunch break, or even between meetings. Here is a list of our favourite waxing treatments and their time frames… you’ll be surprised how much you can fit in one lunch break!

Bikini wax:

If hair free isn’t your thing, but you want to still keep things tidy, then a bikini wax is for you. The best thing about a bikini wax is that we can have it done for you in 10 minutes, leaving plenty of time  to pop into your favourite café for lunch on the way back to the office.

Brazilian wax:

If you like to be hair free, then no doubt you’ll opt for a Brazilian wax. This treatment can be carried out within 20 minutes, and if you keep it regular (every 4 – 6 weeks) it can be done in as little as 15 minutes. The office will barely notice you’ve left!

Eyebrow tidy, underarm, chin or lip wax:

If you have left your brows a little too long and they need some love, an eyebrow tidy can be done in as little as 10 minutes as well as our underarm wax, chin wax or lip wax. If you are worried about having red skin when you return to work why not try threading? If you prefer wax, then using our BB soothe will work wonders on redness. Just pop some on and the colour will disappear before you have even parked your car back at the office.

Leg wax:

If you are in need of a full leg wax we can have you in and out within half an hour. If half an hour is pushing it why not consider a ¾ leg wax? With this treatment we only need 20 minutes to get you on your way! There are also top half or bottom half leg wax options too which will also see you in and out within 20 minutes. More than enough time to grab lunch on your way back to the office.

So there you have it. Time is no longer an excuse! To book in on your next lunchbreak, or to sneakily visit between meetings (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) you can book online now.

This blog was contributed by the experts from Brazilian Butterfly St Kilda. If you would like to book in with our St Kilda salon you can phone (03) 9534 8666 or book online.