If you’re a regular client at Brazilian Butterfly you may wonder why we use different coloured waxes. If you haven’t been to Brazilian Butterfly, you won’t have a clue what we’re talking about, but keep reading it’s super interesting.

At Brazilian Butterfly we have 3 specially designed waxes which are only available in our salons. Our founder, Tanya Farrar, worked very hard to create the perfect waxes which have enough grip to grab the hair, but not the skin, thus minimizing the pain for our clients. She also wanted to ensure that all of our waxes are sensitive enough for all skin types to use without irritation.

Strip Wax:

We have two specially formulated types of strip wax. A strip wax is applied in a thin layer and is removed with a strip of material, without needing to be set first. The two different types Brazilian Butterfly had formulated are:

Blue Strip Wax:

This berry-scented wax is used for the larger areas of the body such as the legs, arms, chest and back. We avoid using this on sensitive areas of the body as it has the strongest bond which will tear at sensitive, delicate skin.

Purple Strip Wax:

This wax is used for smaller, more sensitive areas of the body such as the pubic bone and underarm areas and has a soft coconut scent. We’ve only added a small amount of titanium dioxide to this one which stops it from gripping too much, making it the least painful of our strip waxes.

Hot Wax:

We have one type of specially formulated hot wax. A thicker amount of hot wax is applied to the skin in layers and left to set before being removed. This wax doesn’t require any additional materials to be removed, your therapist will simply lift a corner of the hot wax to remove it.

Our hot wax is a creamy, purple colour with a light coconut scent. It has titanium dioxide inside to stop it from grabbing your skin and is specially formulated to stick to the hair only, causing far less irritation and pain. It is the gentlest of our waxes and will cause the least amount of pain, making it perfect for the sensitive areas of the body such as the brow, upper lip, Brazilian and underarms.

Can you see now why we’re the waxing experts?

Now that you have a better understanding of the different waxes we use, it’s time you come in and experience them. After all, they are specially formulated for Brazilian Butterfly. Pop in and see us, or book online now.

 This blog was contributed by the experts at our Brazilian Butterfly Carlton salon. To book in with them phone (03) 9388 1110 or book online.