While Brazilian waxing has been a popular service for females for many years, men were a little slower to jump on the Brazilian waxing train. More and more men are looking to this service for their personal grooming, yet many people still ask ‘what are the benefits of a male Brazilian?’

Let us take you through them.


This is the most popular reason our client's book for a Brazilian. They, or their partner, simply prefer the look and feel of smooth skin.


Many of our clients comment on the ease of keeping the area clean and odour-free when they have no hair. It is particularly popular amongst tradies in the summer months, when they work outside in hot conditions. Not only does it help alleviate sweating but it also minimises chaffing! We also have it on good authority it improves bathroom efficiency, which has the added benefit of saving you money on toilet paper!


Many male athletes choose to have a Brazilian to enhance both performance and appearance. It is particularly popular amongst body builders and swimmers, to avoid stray hairs peeking out of their shorts or swimmers.

If you are thinking about booking in for a male Brazilian or would like to learn more about this treatment you can find your local salon or book online.