As waxing therapists, we’re often asked what our thoughts on at-home waxing are, and whether we think it’s worthwhile.

Whilst we may be slightly biased, there are several reasons why we believe in-salon waxing trumps at-home waxing. Let us take you through them.

1. Time

You will save on cost by purchasing at home wax and doing it yourself, but what you often don’t think about is how time consuming waxing is.

We can carry out a Brazilian wax in under 20 minutes, because we do this all day every day and we’ve had extensive training on the techniques to carry out an efficient wax.

Even though we’ve had all this practice, we don’t even do our own waxing at home! It’s far too difficult to wax yourself and ensure you are getting to all the hairs that need removing.

2. Pain

Look, waxing can hurt at the best of times, but carrying out a wax on yourself without the proper technique and skills is only more painful! We are trained on how to prep the skin, wax the area and provide you with proper aftercare to alleviate the pain that is felt.

3. Risk

This isn’t something we take lightly in salon, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly at home. If you carry out a wax at home, there are several risks that could occur. These including bruising, tearing, burning and infection. Therefore, we take our training seriously to ensure no injuries occur and to minimise the likelihood of ingrown hairs and folliculitis. There’s also the risk of spilling the wax and creating a horrible sticky mess (and trust us, it isn’t easy to clean!)

4. The wax used

There are so many different types of wax out there, but what a lot of clients don’t realise is that there are different types of wax for different areas of the body and different skin types. At Brazilian Butterfly, we have formulated our own wax which is exclusive to our salons. This wax has enough grip to grab the hair but not the skin, thus minimizing the pain for our clients, and our sensitive wax is gentle enough for all skin types to use without irritation.

If you are due for your next wax and don’t want to take the risk with DIY, you can find your local salon or book online now.

This blog was contributed by the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Knox. If you would like to book with our Knox salon you can phone (03) 9801 2776 or book online.