Having been in the biz for over 10 years, we know a thing or two when it comes to achieving a gorgeous, healthy, sun-less glow. However we also know that - like getting a wax - there can be certain anxieties when booking your spray tan. Fear not, Brazilian Butterfly are bosses at easing those nerves! Here is a little snapshot of exactly what your therapist is thinking during your spray tan - and we guarantee it’s not what you expect!


1. We’ve seen it all before.

Trust us, we truly have seen it all before and nothing will scare us/surprise us/shock us. We just want to make sure you look and feel your best during and after your spray tan, so whatever you are self-conscious about - we haven’t noticed!


2. Everyone is different and we love that!

No matter what your concerns you can be sure that it won’t affect how we do our job. We understand that you may have insecurities and we will do our best to make your tanning experience as comfortable as possible, everyone is different after all!


3. The only reason we observe your body is to make sure you leave feeling your absolute best.

We want you to feel fabulous for your date, night out or event so perfection is key! We will always look closely to check whether the tan is going on evenly – nobody wants a blotchy, patchy tan, right? We make sure that you walk out beaming with confidence as well as a flawless look.


4. We don’t care about your size.

We can solemnly promise that your beauty therapist doesn’t care whether you’re a size six or a size sixteen. Next time you book your tan and begin to worry about taking your clothes off… know that all our attention is on making you look and feel your best so that you leave exuding that inner confidence because of course, beauty is only skin-deep!

 Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Camberwell