Do we have some sweet news for you chocolate lovers! A hot cocoa not only tastes better than sugary packet mixes, it is also incredibly good for you! Hot chocolate is widely thought of as a winter treat, or a vice, but it is so much more than that! Hot cocoa is a healthy elixir for the mind and body.

For a completely guilt free hot chocolate we recommend using raw cacao powder, almond milk and a little raw honey!

Now let us tell you all about the amazing benefits from this steamy cup of hot chocolate!

Mood lifting

Chocolate contains serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant and triggers the production of endorphins which makes people feel happy J Plus with a high concentrate of antioxidants a hot chocolate will calm any stress hormones you have. These effects are compounded when dark chocolate is melted because heat releases even more antioxidants!

Cancer preventative

A Cornell study found that a cup of hot cocoa offers twice as many cancer-fighting antioxidants as a glass of red wine and as much as three times more than a cup of green tea! Researchers attribute this abundance to higher levels of flavonoids.

Improves blood flow

Cocoa’s flavonoids aid the body in processing nitric oxide. This helps prevent blood clots by making platelets less sticky and improving blood flow, which in turn lowers your blood pressure and helps the heart stay healthy!

Stimulates the mind

Increased blood flow throughout your body means that you will have an increase of oxygen to the brain! By drinking a cup of hot chocolate you will find your mind will be sharper. According to the American Association of Advancement of Science, researchers believe drinking cocoa helps prevent dementia!

Protects your skin

Your morning mug of dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids, much loved for increasing your skin’s hydration and improving complexion. They also absorb harmful UV light, protecting you from skin cancer (along with the appropriate use of sunscreen!)

With all these benefits and more we will be sure to enjoy our steaming hot mug of hot chocolate!


Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Ormond