IPL & laser hair removal prices are working their way towards rock bottom. While it might be great for your hip pocket in the short term, it may not be doing you any favours in the long term.

Laser prices are plummeting faster than Melbourne’s temperature right now. For a business, this means getting more people in the door, delivering faster treatments and selling sessions in bulk to make up the cost. For a client, this means less time for a full consultation, more appointments than you expected and poorer results.

If you’ve already read our blog on what IPL is, you will now have a better understanding of the technology used in this service, but how do you know the treatment plan that’s going to get results for you?

How is IPL and Brazilian Butterfly different from other laser clinics?

In a recent survey of over 1,400 Australian women, we learned that not only do more people see their desired results from treatments at Brazilian Butterfly compared to our competitors, they also saw them in fewer sessions.

Besides being obsessed with getting results, we take the steps to make sure the only surprises are good ones.

Safety first: We’re here to offer a thorough consultation to ensure that we get the best results for you. During this session, we perform treatment on a very small area of your body to ensure there are no adverse effects before going ahead with your sessions.

We’ve had feedback from other clients who have had some unfortunate experiences with laser, so it’s so important to us to take all the right precautions. If your laser clinic isn’t going the extra mile for your safety just to save a few minutes, be very careful.

Tailored plans: Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all! This is another reason why the consultation is important. Your therapist will analyse your hair growth and type, to prescribe a full treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

With a plan made just for you, it means you’re not buying sessions you don’t need, saving you time and money.

Results: We’re obsessed with getting you results. In our survey about laser hair removal, we found that 60% of Brazilian Butterfly clients experienced their results in 6 treatments or less!  So while you may have experienced little or no results from other laser hair removal services, we’ll be real about what we can achieve with you, to make sure you know what to expect.

While we love seeing you in salon, when it comes to IPL sessions, we’d rather see you less!

So why not book in a FREE consultation? You have nothing to lose, except your razors. Click here to book at your local salon.