We’ve heard it all before. You can’t stop the natural ageing process.

I mean, we’re all pretty much doomed after age 30, right?! New skin cell production starts to slow down, which means the skin doesn’t retain as much water. Pile on top of that lifestyle factors that speed up the ageing process such as diet, lifestyle, climate, alcohol and expression lines, and you have a hot pot of wrinkles, dullness and age spots.

Many women go into battle and fight this process with scalpels and needles, which is one way to tackle it. But if needles scare you, or if you’re looking for a less invasive way to brighten your skin, then our new range of treatments could be for you. After all, we don’t want to give up wine just to save a few wrinkles developing!  

Using IPL technology, BB Skin treatments can tackle the most common skin concerns through these tailored services:

IPL technology allows us to treat the dermis – the layer of skin that’s affected by the process of ageing. IPL heats the water in the skin and tricks it into thinking it’s under attack. As a result, the light wakes up the cells that produce collagen (fibroblasts), which get to work filling in lines, wrinkles, shallow scarring and reducing redness, discolouration and spots. Sounds painful? It’s not. Clients report feeling a warming sensation and a slight pinch.

What someone would aim to achieve with 2 years of regular facials, can be achieved in just 3 sessions of BB Skin IPL.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Check out the before and afters here to see the amazing results.

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BB Skin treatments are available at selected Brazilian Butterfly salons.