If you’ve ever been for a Brazilian wax you may have been asked: “would you like your bottom done today?” Um, sorry?! Hold up a second, what’s my bottom got to do with this?!

It might surprise you to find out that it is quite common to have your bum waxed as part of a Brazilian, if you haven’t yet tried it out yourself here are some things to consider:


Many of our clients comment on the ease of keeping the area clean and odour-free when they have no hair. Another benefit is the improvement of bathroom efficiency, with the added benefit of saving money on toilet paper!


Another popular reason to have the bottom waxed as part of the Brazilian is aesthetics. Some clients feel it doesn’t make sense to have a clean looking Brazilian wax and not have their bottom match.

Now, we bet you’re wondering about pain. Great news, the bottom is one of the least painful areas to wax so you don’t need to stress about adding any extra pain onto your Brazilian wax!

If you want to ditch the itch of shaving and try a bottom wax as part of your next Brazilian you can find your nearest salon or book online now.

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