Wearing a bold red lip is one thing that scares a lot of women. A statement lip can be tricky to master but when perfected can make an entire outfit POP! Here is our guide to help you get a picture-perfect red carpet lip first time - every time!


Exfoliating the lips before applying your favourite lippy will remove any dry or dead skin cells. Exfoliating our lips is something we should do on a regular basis to avoid painful chapped lips developing. It is important to remember to moisturise the lips after exfoliation to restore hydration – especially if you have chosen to wear a matte lipstick!

Lip primers help smooth out the lip surface and ensure your lipstick lasts as long as possible.

When deciding to wear a red lipstick you need to base your entire outfit around this. Think of red lipstick as an accessory- a piece of jewellery, handbag or heels that will be your show-stopper. It’s best to keep things simple with your outfit, opt for a LBD or jeans with a simple neutral coloured top. It is important you don’t wear anything too bright that will clash with a red lip like pink or orange colours. The same applies for your makeup - the red lip is the focus so keep your eye makeup minimal and neutral in colour.  

If you have fair skin the most flattering reds are the ones with cooler tones, anything with a blue or pink undertone will suit you perfectly. Coral colours are always a go to and great option for our fair skinned butterflies! If you have a warmer skin tone the most flattering are warmer reds, anything with an orange or brown undertone will really pop on your skin tone!

A matte red lip will give you a classic look, it is long lasting and won’t feather over time. A gloss lip is a modern take on the look and when put over a matte lipstick can give you extra-long wear. It is important to remember that gloss can be a little trickier to wear as the chances of smudging are increased.

Lip pencils should be used to prevent your lipstick from bleeding onto the skin as well as smudging throughout the day. When choosing a lip pencil make sure it is almost exact in colour as your lipstick – nobody want to end up with a 90’s two toned look! If you are having trouble finding a close enough match you can always go a nude or neutral colour.

This is a common fear for most women wanting to wear a red lipstick. It is import not to over-apply your lipstick. Instead of layering it on you can apply it in gentle dabbing motion so it covers your natural colour and leaves you with a gorgeous bitten stain. If you prefer a more intense coverage blotting your lips with a tissue after application should help remove excess product! Finally once complete put your clean index finger in your mouth, close lips around it and pull your finger out- voila!


Don’t be scared to find your own unique look by experimenting with different reds and mixing them together to create your own personalised red lip. Remember red is an empowering colour and you were born to stand out!


Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Werribee