Do you ever feel like you can’t escape that run down feeling? Is your multivitamin and green juice combination just not working anymore? It’s no wonder when you think about it, our lives are so fast paced nowadays and never switch off thanks to technology and social media.

But don’t panic, just breathe. The answer is right in front of you – or rather – right underneath you!

‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ as it’s sometimes referred to is an all-natural way to absorb energy from the Earth. Regular Earthing, restores our bodies to a natural state of functioning, reducing inflammation, pain, stress and sleeplessness. It also aids recovery and healing processes and improves energy levels!

But before you start giggling at the idea, just know - it’s been proven!

The Earth and all living things are conductors of free electrons, and because our bodies are composed of mainly water and minerals, humans are terrific conductors of the Earth’s free electrons. When the human body fights disease, foreign materials or even repairs damaged cells it requires more and more of these free electrons to power the immune system, if we don’t have enough our bodies inflame and we get that awful run-down feeling.

The thing about conductive objects is that anytime two conductive objects make direct contact, the electrons flow from where there are many (the Earth) to where there are few (us) – and boom! We’re replenished!

It’s simple really! Go outside, dodge the bindis in the grass and enjoy the sand between your toes! You will soon feel the difference it has on your pain and stress levels. It is time we all head back to nature and enjoy the free benefits it provides us – or at least for a recommended 30 minutes per day.

Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Ashmore