Spring Racing is upon us and who better to spend a bit of time with than the babes at Brazilian Butterfly to help us prep for what is set to be a busy few weeks. Beauty prep is key to ensure that after a long day on track, you’re still looking flawless.                                                         

And it all begins the week before.

I like to start off my preparation by exfoliating my skin every second day, and using a nourishing body lotion to hydrate. I have super dooper sensitive skin, so prefer to use lotions and scrubs that contain nut oils such as almond, coconut or macadamia.

To create the perfect base for your tan, you want to get your waxing appointments all out of the way at least 24 hours prior. It’s so important to make sure that your skin has time to breathe and your pores have time to close before anything goes on top.

I like to allow two days for my tan to develop, so I’ll book in with enough time for me to have two showers before my race day. The day of my appointment, I give my body one last good scrub where I concentrate on knees, elbows and ankles, and make sure that I don’t have any lotion or deodorant left on my skin, as that can upset the tan.

One mistake so many people make is getting a tan that’s way too dark for their natural skin shade. I always opt for a light to medium tan to enhance my naturally olive skin and give me that little extra glow! Brazilian Butterfly use Moroccan Tan which has a cooler colour that isn’t orange. Talk with your BB gal and discuss which shade will work best for you, what colours you’re wearing and what race day you’re attending, they’ll be able to give you the best advice.

When it comes to Spring Racing fashion, it’s always best to stay close to traditions, but inject a little of your own ‘flair’.

Derby Day is traditionally black and white, so it’s best not to stray too far from the classics. An easy way to add some fun and vibrancy is with a bold lip. This season, I’ve seen a lot of deep, moody reds which will work perfectly on the most formal race day of the carnival.

Melbourne Cup is a great excuse to pop on something bright and bold, which the colour-blocking trend is perfect for showcasing. I usually like to keep my make-up simple, layering different nude-brown tones, this look is perfect for the day time.

The Thursday is Oaks Day, traditionally known as ‘Ladies Day’, so it’s always nice to opt for a more feminine look. Although I love pastels, you don’t have to limit your selections to these. A gorgeous, vibrant red dress can be just as feminine, especially when paired with soft dusty pink accents worked through your look.

Stakes Day, the final day of the carnival, is a little less formal but no less fun. I like to take advantage of the more relaxed, fun spring fashion on offer.I normally go for a slightly paired down look; if I’m wearing something bright and colorful, a more natural, glowy make-up look works best.

My final tips are drink plenty of water, pack a couple of Band-Aids in your clutch and have fun, fun, FUN! 

This blog was contributed by Rebecca Harding. Visit @rebeccalharding on Instagram to see more.