If you like maintaining a healthy sun-kissed glow all year round then there is one thing you will know all too well, orange bed sheets.

There are two main reasons your tan rubs off on your sheets. The first is that you’ve just had a spray tan and whilst you let it develop on the skin, the bronzer inside the tan solution rubs off onto anything you touch. The second is because of your body temperature.  When you move around, particularly when sleeping, your body temperature will rise and fall causing you to sweat. This causes the bronzer to lift off your skin and onto your clothing or your bedding, even though you have washed it all off.

So to save you from having to do ridiculous amounts of laundry, or having to buy a new bed sheet each week, we have come up with 3 easy tips to help keep your sheets and clothes squeaky clean!

Choose thy bedding

We know this seems obvious, but if you are a regular tanner it might be wise to opt for darker bedding, rather than lighter. This way, if the bronzer does rub off, it won’t be as noticeable and ruin your gorgeous sheets.

Choose thy tan

If you usually opt for an 8-hour tan, why not try a rapid tan that you can wash off before you hit the sheets? If you are booking with us we recommend the Moroccan Nights tan which can be washed off as quickly as 1 hour after the tan is applied! This gorgeous formula still leaves you with a beautiful deep bronze, just in a lot less time!

Powder thy skin

If you find you are particularly sweaty during the day, or at night, then stock up on some powder to lightly dust on the areas you find sweaty. Powder is an astringent which helps body tissue to constrict creating a dry surface. We particularly love corn flour which you can find in your pantry at home!

Now it’s time to test these tips out! What better way to do that then to treat yourself to a spray tan! At Brazilian Butterfly we use Moroccan Tan which is enriched with nourishing vitamins and organic oils and is free from alcohol, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and parabens, which makes them suitable for all skin types!

If you are ready for your next spray tan you can book online now.

This blog was contributed by the experts at our Richmond salon. To book in with our Richmond salon you can phone (03) 9429 2822 or book online.