What does it really feel like to be a mother and a successful franchise owner? Our wonderful franchisee Mel from Brazilian Butterfly Armadale shares some of her journey from veterinary nurse to salon owner.

“Being part of the Brazilian Butterfly team has been very rewarding. It has been challenging at times but I know this is how you learn to get the best from yourself.”

“We treat men and women from all walks of life, but I love being able to build relationships and help find ways to make them comfortable throughout their experience with us.

In particular, I have had fun with some of my clients when they have to bring their children to the appointment. I am now very handy at waxing while mum is breast feeding her baby, or having a toddler showing me the colouring they are doing or even watching something on mum’s iPad to distract them from watching mum have her wax!

I think this only really works because I have children and I understand that when you have 5 minutes to get an appointment, you just have to get it done!”

“Our personal relationships with our clients are an extremely important part of who we are. It makes an intimate service a more relaxing experience as clients know they can trust us to accommodate them, no matter how long they may have."

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Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Armadale