In an age where over the top, dramatic eyelash extensions are all the rage, there are still a number of us who prefer a more natural look. Getting lust-worthy lashes takes more than great mascara. You need to care for your lashes in the same way you invest time in your hair and your skin.


Just like your skin, your eyelashes need regular moisturising to keep them from going brittle. There are many products on the market that do this, however we have a few favourites which you probably have at home already:


Vaseline is the age old beauty staple that can do no wrong. You probably already use Vaseline for dry, chapped skin (particularly your lips) but guess what, this product can moisturise your lashes too! Simply pop a small amount on your lashes at night before you go to bed and let the Vaseline work its magic.

Coconut Oil:

Almost overnight, coconut went from being a tropical fruit to a superfood that we all had to have. Not only is coconut great for your body and health, it is great for your lashes too. Similar to Vaseline you just need to pop a small amount on your lashes before you go to bed.


Lanolin works wonders for intense conditioning, just don’t ask us where it comes from (for those who really want to know, it is the oils from sheep... GROSS!) More intense than Vaseline, the origins of Lanolin will soon slip your mind when you see the incredible results this has on your lashes.


It doesn’t take much to maintain your eyelashes; they do a good job of looking after themselves however we do have a few pointers for you:

1. Never, ever, under any circumstances cut your eyelashes. Not only is trimming your lashes incredibly dangerous (um hello?! Scissors near your eyes!) but it can also affect how thick they grow and their length. Not only that, but if you cut them too short they will poke your bottom eyelid or into your eye causing irritation when you blink. Your eyelashes will naturally fall our every 4 – 6 weeks so leave them be.

2. Never pull your lashes out, similarly to cutting your eyelashes this can affect the length and thickness of your lashes. Not only that, but you could be left with big gaps and holes in your lash line which mascara will only enhance.

3. Never sleep with mascara on. Not only does this breed bacteria and lead to eye infections, but it dries your eyes and lashes out. Make sure you safely remove your mascara each night before bed, and then moisturise!

4. Avoid using waterproof mascaras. Whilst having mascara that doesn’t move sounds like a gift from the heavens, it is actually really bad for lashes. Firstly, the agents used in waterproof mascara dry out your natural lashes. Secondly, it takes far more effort to remove waterproof mascara resulting in excess rubbing and tugging which pulls at your lashes making them fall out quicker.

If you want to avoid using mascara all together, but still have dark, full lashes why not consider a lash tint. The tint we use is very gentle on your lashes, and only takes 10 minutes to apply, yet it lasts 4 – 6 weeks. A lash tint will see you have darker, fuller looking lashes without having to apply and remove make up daily meaning they aren’t as likely to be pulled, or fall out!

If you would like to book in for a lash tint at your next appointment, you can book online now.

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