Since its Brazilian Butterfly’s 14th Birthday Bonanza we thought it was time to talk all things party! Whether you’re organising a big bash or an intimate gathering, we have the winning formula to ensure you and your guests have the time of your lives…

Game plan
Pick a theme and make a list with all the specifics you will need to achieve your party goals. Be realistic about what you can spend and your budget.  If you overspend in some areas make sure you pull back in others- there’s nothing fun about being broke. Where possible take care of details ahead of time that way you aren't frantic on the day.

Spice up the guest list
It’s the people who make a party. Invite a variety of guests with different backgrounds, generations and persuasions to mix things up.

Music matters
If the music is lame, your party will be lame- there are no exception to this rule. Music is your party's backbone, if your collection is less than stellar, why not ask your invitees to send through their favourite songs with their RSVP’s to make a customised party playlist!

Lighting is key
Lighting is an easy way to make everyone feel comfortable- no one wants to feel like they are in the spot light. If you have the budget definitely invest in good dim lighting and maybe even a disco ball, because let’s face it – everyone loves good lighting!

Keep the food simple – but simply delicious
When it comes to food keep it small and simple- canapés need to be bite sized. There is nothing worse than trying to juggle a handbag, your drink, eating and mingling all at the same time. 

Mingle with your guests
Pulling off the perfect party takes a lot of work and doing it well can definitely get in the way of the host having any fun. Make a point to step away from your duties for five or so minutes at a time, this will help release the pressure valve and make your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Accept help and relax
No matter what size your party is, it's good to have some help. Get one to three friends or even a squad (depending on the size of your party) to help out. Whether it's greeting people as they come in, pouring drinks or taking coats there always something to do. A frazzled host can make a tense party, so try to relax. When the festivities kick off, let go of the details and just have fun!

Make the event memorable!
To add a dash of magic to any event throw in a surprise! This will make the party unique and memorable. Some great ideas sure to impress are karaoke, wine tasting, trivia or even a lucky dip with a Brazilian Butterfly goodie bag up for grabs!

Dust off those dancing shoes because these tips are sure to get the party started! To celebrate our birthday with us, and to go in the draw to win a years’ worth of FREE waxing be sure to enter our competition now by following this link


Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Knox