One question we are often asked in salon, is if you can still wax whilst pregnant. The short answer is yes! You absolutely can still wax whilst pregnant, however you may experience more discomfort during your treatments than usual.

Your skin is often more sensitive than usual when pregnant, due to all the hormonal changes you are experiencing. This also can affect your hair growth, with a lot of clients having their hair grow quicker than usual, and in areas they have never had hair before!

Whilst pregnant we always advise our clients to book their appointments 1 – 2 weeks earlier than they usually would. Not only is your skin more sensitive but often you will find your hair grows quicker than usual. By booking your appointments earlier there will be less hair to remove which will help with the discomfort you may experience during the treatment.

If you have never booked in for a 4X Brazilian wax before, that’s ok! You can still book in for one, but we recommend starting with a bikini or 2X wax and working up to the Brazilian. Due to the extra blood flow to the area we recommend you start slow, and build up to the 4X Brazilian minimise the pain.

You will also find that after care is even more important whilst being pregnant. As your skin is quite sensitive we have our specially formulated delicates range which will help rehydrate and care for your skin post treatment to help avoid irritation and sensitivity.

A waxing appointment will not harm your baby, but if you feel particularly uneasy or unsure of whether waxing whilst pregnant is right for you we recommend you speak with your health care professional, after all they will know what is best for you and your baby.

If you have any further queries or are interested in booking in for a wax during your pregnancy you can reach out to your local salon or book online.

This blog was contributed by the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Frankston. If you would like to book with Brazilian Butterfly Frankston you can phone (03) 9783 2234 or book online.