There is so much information available about how to achieve a flawless spray tan that lasts longer, but there doesn’t seem to be much useful information out there on how to actually remove the tan once it has come to the end.

We often get asked by our clients how they can safely remove their spray tan before it gets to the awkward patchy, lacklustre mess after approximately 7 – 10 days, so here are our top tips to help remove the remnants of your spray tan (hint: it’s not ‘get another one to disguise the old one’. Big no no).

Soak in a steamy bath:

Soaking yourself in a steamy, hot bath is not only incredibly relaxing, but it helps soften your skin, lifting the spray tan from the upper layers of the epidermis, which is where the tan is absorbed.


To remove a spray tan, you actually need to remove the skin cells which have been ‘tanned’ not just the tan. To do this you will need to exfoliate these skin cells away. We recommend rubbing baby oil onto the skin and allowing it to sit on there for several minutes to soften, which makes it easier to scrub off the skin. Then jump into the shower and use an exfoliating mitt in circular motions with BB Essentials body scrub as the lubricant for a deep exfoliation. Don’t forget any time you exfoliate your skin, you must moisturise to hydrate new skin cells.

Bi-Carb Soda:

Is there anything Bi-Carb Soda can’t do? Let us let you in on a little beauty hack. Bi-Carb Soda is great for removing tan, simply mix the bi-carb soda with some water to create a paste and lather onto the skin. Allow this to sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing off.

If you have been putting off your next spray tan because you dread the ‘post spray tan fade’, then fear no more! Find your local salon here or book online now and be confident that you can take your tan off when you’re ready.

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