Dark spots, premature aging, and wrinkles- oh my!! Summer is quickly approaching which means long days spent in the sunshine. Today we shudder at our mother’s stories of applying baby oil to their skin before tanning, we are much more aware of the drastic side effects of too many hours in the sun. But is it possible that we have become too cautious about that shining sphere in the sky? So we ask, how much sun is too much sun? Well listen up ladies because here’s the scoop…

The good stuff:
One of the biggest benefits of sunshine is that it provides your body with Vitamin D. This helps your body protect itself against internal cancers, as well as various neurological, cardiovascular, immune and bone diseases, osteoporosis, depression, breast cancer, an even affects diabetes and obesity (just to name a few). What’s that you say? Sunshine can help prevent cancer? That’s right kids!

The not so good stuff:
It’s a well-known fact the too much sun exposure can cause skin damage such as benign tumours, wrinkles, freckles and skin discoloration. But a scarier threat is the big C. UV radiation from the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer today.

But what does this all mean?
The sun both causes cancer and prevents it? Then what do I do? I think the lesson to take away here is that the sun is a wonderful thing. It’s beneficial to our health and if enjoyed responsibly it’s nothing to be afraid of. So here are a few tips…

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