Summer is almost here, long warm days mean more time prepping and priming to make sure we feel even more confident in our skin.
Every year the styles and trends change, so to help you stay in the know, keep reading to learn all about the latest trends in nails, eyelashes and eyebrows!

The power brow is what 2015 has been all about! The question remains, to tattoo or to tint...?
Whats your verdict?

Tattoo: Feather touch tattoo looks more natural as it mimics real brow hairs.
This type of tattooing is only semi-permanent usually lasting between 12-24 months before retouching is required.

Tint: Tinting makes your natural brow hairs darker and darkens the little blonde hairs to make brows appear thicker, fuller and even colour.
Tint usually last between 4-6 weeks depending on clients hair and aftercare. 
Tinting is a less permanent and the painless first step to see if you can rock power brows.

2015 has seen some new options for nail care, two of the most popular are the SNS dipping nail system and the Jamberry Nail wraps:

SNS: The new shellac, SNS nails are a dipping nail system it has no odour, no liquid, no primer, no UV light.
The SNS system also will help your natural nails to grow out stronger and heathier by adding 5 different kinds of vitamin and calcium.
The SNS system has over 320 colours so you are sure to find the perfect colour!

SNS can last up to 2 weeks with mirror finish.

Jamberry Nail wraps: the hottest and newest nail trend.
This DIY, at home system, means easy low cost and takes less time than a tradition manicure/pedicure.
Also with a large variety of colours and designs there is something to fit everyone’s personality.
With simply and quick application of wraps it means no waiting for polish to dry, they are made from a durable material which mean no smudges or streaks.

The wraps usually last up to two weeks on finger nails and up to four weeks on toes.

2015 has seen more and more people wanting longer, thicker, darker and curled lashes. The two most popular options are a lash lift or eyelash extensions. Have you tried any of these?

Eyelash lift: The new lash perm!
A lash lift is similar to a lash perm but where a perm uses perming rods to curl the lash from the tip a lash lift uses silicon pads and lifting solution to lift the lashes from the roots.

Lash lifts are great for clients who want strong curvature to their lashes but don’t want the high maintenance of lash extensions.

Lash extensions: Volume lashes are the latest in extensions.
Volume lashes are different to normal extensions, instead of just one extension being applied to one natural lash they apply multiple extensions to one natural lash.

 This results in 200-500 extensions instead of a normal set of 80-100 extensions...WOW!

So there you have it, all the options you need to make sure you are on every beauty trend this year. 


Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Berwick