So you fell asleep on the beach and ended up a deep shade of red instead of a nice sun-kissed brown?

It happens.

There’s no un-doing sun damage, so what you’ll need to do is go into damage control. Here’s our three-step plan for all you lobsters out there on how to fix sunburn:

Step 1: Suck out the heat

When your shoulders feel like they’re on fire, even simple things like getting dressed become a dreaded ordeal.

The first thing you need to do is lather on lots and lots of aloe vera to cool the skin and kick start the repair process. Our exclusive BB repair - originally formulated for laser hair removal - can also be used on sunburn, as it contains gotu kula, aloe vera and vitamin E. It’s a summer must-have!

Step 2: Put the moisture back in

Sunburn severely dehydrates the skin cells, which is part of the reason why the skin peels (the other part is that you just burned it half to hell). It is so important that you rehydrate the skin and inject the vitamins and minerals back into it.

Use a good quality moisturiser in the morning straight after your shower (your skin absorbs it better straight after a warm shower) and before you go to bed. We love the BB Essentials Body Lotion, which is jam packed full of goodies like tea tree oil for inflammation, aloe vera for moisture and repair and sweet almond oil for your vitamin E boost.

Step 3: Prepare for the aftershocks

Have you ever noticed that even if you don’t get sunburned, your skin still goes dry in summer? It’s because the sun dries out your skin; think about how sponges dry out without water. Your skin is very similar. All of your skin cells are made up of water, so without proper hydration their integrity is compromised.

Water is key to ensuring your skin doesn’t dry out, so drink plenty of it. You should also help shed the dry skin by exfoliating your body a couple of times a week (we love the BB Essentials Body Scrub), and then coating it in another layer of goodness with a good quality moisturiser.

For all your summer skincare essentials, head to our online shop or visit your nearest salon.