With winter just around the corner many of us are looking for any excuse to pack our bags and escape the cold with a quick getaway. Packing light and smart is essential for any jet-setter, because let’s face it, no one looks stylish when they’re hot and sweaty from lugging around a heavy suitcase!

We share the essentials to practical packing while still being glamourous for all those holiday happy snaps! Here are our top tips for travelling light…

1.     Keep bottoms to a minimum. Pack one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts and a skirt. When deciding on which items to take go for neutral colours that can be re-worn with multiple tops.

2.     Work with plain tops. Choose 5-10 good quality tops that you can rotate while away. Pack plain tops so you can dress them up or down with ease. Wearing plain tops also means you will never have a “what was I wearing?!” moment in years to come!

3.     Add variety with accessories. Accessories are a great way to spice up any outfit. Make sure your necklaces, bangles, earrings, sunnies or hats are small and lightweight -  that way they can fit into all those small compartments in your suitcase.

4.     Three shoe policy. Packing too many shoes when travelling is a cardinal sin. We know it’s hard but try to keep it simple and only pack one pair of thongs, comfy runners and ‘party shoes’.

5.     How to keep warm. Even though you are most likely traveling somewhere warm- don’t be caught out on those nippy summer nights! It is usually quite cold on the plane so wear your favourite cardigan and scarf on the flight- this will also save you space in your luggage.

6.    Rotate party dresses Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous on a night out. Pack two show-stopping dresses that are lightweight and small enough to squeeze between your other items.

7.     Downsize your toiletries. It might sound like a no-brainer but put your favourite products into tiny pots.  You never really use half as much toiletries as you think you will, especially if you use good quality products.

8.     Smart phone. The smart phone is the greatest companion for the savvy traveller. Not only does it keep you in touch with friends and family, it also doubles up as a camera, map, book, music and entertainment. Therefore it is understandably very VERY important that you don’t forget your charger!!!

Follow this advice, pack smart and light and you might never have to check-in your luggage again!


Contributed by Brazilian Butterfly Mentone