Does your ‘time of the month’ align perfectly with your waxing schedule?

There’s always a lot of confusion around whether you can book in for your regular wax when you have your period, so let us remove the grey area and give it to you straight.

Can you wax whilst on your period? Absolutely! But it’s important to note that you will feel heightened sensitivity and discomfort due to hormonal imbalances experienced whilst on your period. But hey, sometimes you can’t plan these things! If you do book in for an appointment whilst on your period, that’s more than ok. Just make sure you follow these easy steps:

1. Pay extra attention to hygiene before your treatment. We recommend showering before you attend your appointment and using a fresh tampon

2. Once you’re in the treatment room, please ensure you use the wipes provided to ensure the area is as clean as possible

3. Please ensure you let your therapist know before your treatment that you have your period. We understand it isn’t a comfortable thing to discuss, but don’t worry - we have waxed girls on their period many times before and are pros on catching only hair on the wax.

If you like to keep your waxing schedule regular and are due for your next appointment (with or without your period) then you can find your local salon here or book online.

This blog was contributed by the experts at Brazilian Butterfly Fremantle. If you would like to book in with our therapists at Brazilian Butterfly Fremantle phone (08) 9430 5557 or book online.