Got a hot date coming up? Chances are you’ll be booking in for a wax. Going on a date is a really common reason why people book appointments with us, but a lesser known fact is that you may have to put a hold on those intimate times for at least 24 hours after your appointment.

The reason is quite simple really, and doesn’t differ too much from why you should exercise after a hair removal treatment; it’s way too harsh on the skin and hair follicles.

After a waxing appointment, your skin is very sensitive - after all, you have just ripped all the hairs out! Not only that, but the wax will have removed dead skin cells, so heat and friction need to be avoided for the first 24 hours after a wax to minimize the risk of irritation. You will also find all your hair follicles are left open post treatment, and usually take 12 – 24 hours to close. The last thing you want to do is expose an open hair follicle to bacteria.

If you are a regular waxing client, your skin will be less sensitive post-wax, but we still recommend you leave at least 12 hours before you get intimate with your partner.

If you absolutely can’t resist your partner, then we recommend applying a cold compress before you do the deed to help close the hair follicles (note: if it’s early in the relationship, just be mindful that this could look weird). Once you have finished, jump in the shower (bringing your partner is optional) and use our Essential Body Wash with tea tree oil to ensure you clean the area to minimize the risk of infection.

If you have a date coming up, or your partner has been looking particularly dreamy lately, it is best you book online now so you can give yourself some downtime before getting back in the saddle. You can find your nearest salon or book online.

This blog was contributed by the experts at our Fremantle salon. If you would like to book with our Fremantle salon you can phone (08) 9430 5557 or book online.