The franchising business is no longer a man's game! More and more women are finding a business home in the franchise world, with Brazilian Butterfly just one example boasting success stories in all of its female franchise operators.

Research and statistics confirm that women have been steadily rising in the ranks of franchise operators over the past couple of decades. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has been keeping tabs on women in franchising since the 1970s. The group has noted that women starting their own businesses have been on the rise for decades now. One study found that 10% of all companies established between 1975 and 2000 were women-owned franchises. Five years ago, the International Franchise Association (IFA) estimated the percentage of women operating franchises to be 25% - and that doesn't include another 17% of the population where men and women operate franchises as partners.

So just what is it about women and franchising that has spurred this marked growth? Well, skills, interests, and personality traits, among other things, seem to be playing a key role. Consider the following:

The Brazilian Butterfly team is consistently reviewing franchise operators and through established workshops, seminars, mentoring programs, they are coaching women into successful, prosperous and profitable multi-unit franchise business owners.

There is also much more variety for women to choose from today in franchising. Brazilian Butterfly recognises that the perfect franchising partner may not have the skills required to wax but they have a passion and desire to succeed- this alone is enough to start on the road to a successful business.

Start building your dream life today.