It seems, almost overnight, that eyebrows have gone from being one of the many features on your face to the only feature on your face worth thinking about.

If you missed the brow train as it took off, and are now desperate running at full pelt to catch up then stop, take a breather and continue reading the 101 on brow maintenance.


Leave this to the experts. There is a whole minefield of hazards you need to navigate when shaping your own brows. There is over-plucking, incorrect waxing and using the wrong shaped brow for your face. When it comes to the shape of your brows, there is no do-over. Once they are plucked, waxed or threaded that’s it. You have 4 – 6 weeks before your brow hairs begin to regrow again. Seek professional advice from a beauty therapist for your brows, they use the correct techniques and will be able to help with which brow shape suits your face the best. Hot tip: a professional will only ever trim your eyebrow hairs once the shape has been completed, never before.


This is another one to leave to the experts. Tinting will allow you to create depth and shape by colouring your eyebrow hairs. This step is absolutely essential if you are wanting to achieve thicker or fuller looking brows. It is usually recommended to tint your eyebrows 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural hair colour, however if you are looking for a statement brow then go quite a few shades darker.


So, you’ve visited your local Brazilian Butterfly salon and had your brows perfectly shaped and tinted, now it’s over to you. Here are a few items you may wish to invest in:

Brow Brush/Comb:

A brow brush is an important tool for all brows. If you want your brows to look structured and precise, this tool is for you. If you want your brows wild and unruly, this tool is still for you. It allows you to groom the brows to exactly how you would like them. You can separate, soften, fluff and smooth your brows to your heart's content. Start at the root of the brow hair and pull in the direction of your hair growth.

Brow Pencil:

A brow pencil is a staple when it comes to brow maintenance. Not only will it help you define your brow shape by outlining the edges, but it can also be used to fill your brow. If you have quite full brows and just have a few areas that need touching up we recommend using a pencil to fill these areas. 

Brow Powder:

If you are just starting out on your brow journey, prepare to meet your new best friend. All make-up artists around the world use brow powder to create a polished brow, and guess what, you can too! Select a powder 1-2 shades darker than your natural hair colour and use this powder to fill in your brows. You can lightly shade your brow to create a subtle brow or you can heavily shade your brow to create the perfect statement. If you are really game you can try an ‘ombre brow’ which is lighter on the inner and heavier on the tail. Have fun playing around with different shades, during the day you may go for a softer, lighter brow whereas at night you might go for a dark statement brow. Hot tip: If you apply too much, don’t wipe it off and start again! Simply use your brush to gently blend out the excess.

Brow Gel:

Brow gel is a wonderful little product that you pop on your brows once you have finished styling them. Pop a little bit of gel onto your brow and brush in the direction of the hair to hold it in place all day long. We recommend a clear gel as the tinting, brow pencil and gel will colour your brow. The best part, it will hold your makeup in place all day too!

That's the low down on brows. If you have any further questions we recommend getting in touch with your local Brazilian Butterfly salon, they will be able to take over from here and guide you on your journey to perfect brows.

This blog was contributed by the experts at our Brazilian Butterfly Ormond salon. If you would like to make an appointment with them phone (03) 9578 7676 or book online.