Repeat after me: I promise never to break one of the 8 Brazilian Butterfly Spray Tan Commandments. I vow to follow these commandments to ensure I achieve a perfect spray tan every time. I will ensure that I notify any of my friends or family that get spray tans, that they too should follow these commandments and avoid eternal patchiness.

1. Thou shalt not watch sad movies

There is nothing better than coming home from a spray tan and laying on the couch watching a movie whilst waiting for your tan to develop. But be careful of the movie you select! There is nothing worse than selecting a sad movie and starting to cry, because guess what, you are crying off your tan! Do you want white tear stains down your face? We didn’t think so!

2. Thou shalt bring an umbrella

Time and time again we have seen our freshly tanned butterflies make a mad dash for their car, because Melbourne has done what it does best and opened the heavens! If you think there is even the teeniest of chances that it might rain, then bring an umbrella with you. There is nothing worse than having white spots on your skin where a rain droplet has hit and washed away the tan.

3. Thou shalt not wash the dishes

Ok we get it. There isn’t a lot you can do while you wait for your tan to develop, so why not do some chores! We are in full support of you getting ahead, but just leave the dishes in the sink! It may sound silly but we have seen many clients wash their dishes whilst waiting for their tan to develop, forgetting that they are washing their tan too! No one wants a ¾ arm tan, the dishes can wait.

4. Thou shalt not wear closed shoes

Bring thongs, or opened toed shoes to your spray tan appointment, and wear them home. There is nothing worse than wearing a closed toe shoe whilst waiting for your tan to develop. Your feet get sweaty and the shoe starts rubbing the tan away. White feet? Not a good look!

5. Thou shalt not wear tight jeans or pants

Same as above really. Any tight clothing is just going to rub the solution off your skin, which means you won’t have a tan. The longer the solution stays on the skin, the darker your tan. You don’t want to rub it off before it’s ready.

6. Thou shalt not swim

We have already mentioned this one in our 6 tips to stop your spray tan from fading blog, the chemicals inside any pool or spa will eat away at your tan. If your tan is still developing on your skin, there won’t be any solution left on your skin to develop. If your tan has finished developing, being inside pools and spas will see your tan fade away quicker.

7. Thou shalt not get your nails done

You may be tempted to fill the time, whilst waiting for your tan to develop, by getting your nails done. But this is a spray tan sin! Having your nails done will rub the tan off your fingers, but leave it intact on your hands. No one wants white fingers and brown hands!

8. Thou shalt not get a massage

You may want to spend the time waiting for the tan to develop getting pampered with a beautiful massage, but this is a big no no! The oil used during a massage will rub the solution off your skin and the actual massage will leave your tan looking streaky and horrible. It’s best just to avoid a massage until a few days after your spray tan.

Now go forth and spread the word of the spray tan commandments! If you are ready for your next spray tan you can book online now.

This blog was contributed by the spray tan experts at our Carlton salon. If you would like to book an appointment with our Carlton salon you can do so online or by phoning (03) 9388 1110.