You know how Sex and the City taught us a bunch of stuff?

Like how it’s okay to be single, and sometimes even better to be? And how fashion risks can really pay off? And how having an addiction to shoes isn’t a problem at all! And how girlfriends are the real soulmates in this wonderful thing we call life!

With rumours being fuelled that a SATC 3 is in the making, we can’t help but get excited for what these girls will teach us next? Whether the movie is being made or not, we bow our heads to you Carrie Bradshaw and the women of SATC for bringing Brazilians to the forefront of our imaginations — and keeping them there. Ever since the show's debut and the multi-million dollar success of the feature films, more and more women have dared to bare it all — or are, at the very least, thinking about keeping the feminine landscape trimmed and tight! 

Are you excited for the potential new movie?