We all know Christmas is full of gourmet indulgences, breakfast is no different but we don’t want to spoil lunch now do we? From a reenergising meal of bacon and eggs to keep you going until a late lunch, or a light, healthy recipe of muesli and fruit to start your morning guilt-free, on the third day of Christmas, we give you our top three breakfast must haves to help kick-start your day the right way!


  1. Smoked salmon & Scrambled eggs

A dish which we find always goes down well for a breakfast treat is scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Remember to cook the eggs very gently indeed in melted butter; slow cooking is the secret to good scrambled eggs. A little cream or crème fraiche stirred in gives that extra richness. Serve them straight from the pan onto freshly-made toast, topped with a generous portion of sliced salmon. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. 

  1. Gingerbread granola

We adore gingerbread flavoured recipes because they tend to transport you straight to a holiday frame of mind. And not only does this granola taste amazing, but it makes your whole house smell heavenly as it bakes!

While Gingerbread Granola is perfectly delicious plain, you could also jazz it up with a bit of Christmas colour! Sweet, red, dried cranberries, salty green pistachios, and creamy white chocolate chips give this treat an extra-festive look while adding contrasting flavours and textures to make it even more special.

Check out the recipe below:

  1. ‘Reindeer’ pancakes

An awesome breakfast for happy kids and grown-ups alike! Make your pancake as normal and then construct your very own Rudolph! Start with your pancakes (one or two stacked will be just fine), add a strawberry red nose, bacon antlers, whipped cream and blueberries for eyes!

Alternatively, build a Christmas tree by stacking pancakes (getting smaller and smaller in size) on top of each other; or even build your own Santa face- have some fun with it!


Don’t forget those little extra touches that make the breakfast feel really special.

Why don’t you get your kids to help set the breakfast table and tell them to make it look as nice as possible: use a tablecloth, add a vase of flowers, fold napkins, get out your best cutlery; it is Christmas after all!