The stockings are empty, the presents have been unwrapped. Boxes and tissue paper now litter your family room floor, the evidence of Christmas is everywhere.

So… now what?


It’s all very well preparing all the food and presents for Christmas, but unless everyone has something to do on the day, they are likely to get irritable or end up watching TV all day!  And of course the meal isn’t going to take all day, or if it does you are likely to be exhausted, so have some light entertainment up your sleeve to keep up the party spirit!

On the second day of Christmas, we give you 2 fool proof ways to entertain your family!


  1. For the kids:

Family tree: This game will only work if you have someone in your group who is an incredibly good sport. The idea is to decorate a person as a Christmas tree. The willing victim must stand still as all the kids in the group decorate him (or her) with decorations made from red and green crepe paper, aluminium foil, paper, candy, bows, leftover wrapping paper and whatever else you can find. The end result? Hilariously good family fun!


  1. For the grown-ups:

Luckily for us in Australia, going outside is not going to be an issue! Take a family walk. Play football in the backyard. Do something active together as a family to get everyone enjoying the sunshine and give you a well-deserved break from Christmas chaos indoors.