Finding the perfect party hairstyle can feel almost impossible: what’s going to go with your dress? Your makeup? And what can you actually do yourself without a flotilla of stylists at your beck and call?

Never fear, its day ten of our Christmas countdown so we’ve rounded up ten of the very best party hairstyles for you to wear to your next soiree!

From sophisticated upsweeps to sexy, ooh-la-la spirals, be inspired by our favourite festive hairdos.


  1. Curls curls curls

Big hair and big curls parted down the middle makes a serious style statement.

  1. Elegant chignon

This definitely sounds more complicated than it looks; gather hair into a low ponytail, pulling it above the ear on one side but draped over the ear on the other - this adds a modern touch, twist the ponytail into a knot, pin it into place with bobby pins, and let a piece fall just so to one side. Instant glam!


  1. Half up/ half down

If you want the look and feeling of having hair swept away from your face, but still want your hair down, a half up-do is perfect for you.


  1. Loosely pinned bun

This is a stylish trend and looks as though you have put a great deal of effort into your hair even if you're having a lazy hair day. Many bobby pin tins will contain the instructions for this style – loosely pin your bun for a sexy/messy look.

  1. Sleek bun

A sleek knot is gorgeous for a more formal occasion—not to mention the ideal style to show off a pair of statement earrings.


  1. Braids

Don’t you just love how braids can be worn in so many different ways? Wear it to the side or elegantly down the centre of your hair. Braid the sides into a ponytail or bun, whatever you decide- this is sure to bring some fun into whatever you wear.

  1. Colour

What better time to freshen up your look than ahead of the New Year - get ahead of your New Years resolutions!
Try something totally new, a pop of colour or tone it down with some lowlights then have your hair finished with a fresh blow dry!


  1. Waves

For those that don’t want to look like they’ve tried hard, this too-cool-to-care look is effortlessly sexy. It has an old Hollywood glam feel to it, in an utterly modern way.

Heated rollers are the classic way to get volume and bounce and work especially well on fine hair without damaging your precious locks.


  1. Ponytail

High, low, or to the side, however you prefer it, a ponytail is a great way to finish off your outfit. Curl the bottom, wrap a small section of hair over your hair-tie or keep it sleek and low to upgrade the regular ponytail - the options are endless! It’s also the best way to hide unwashed hair without losing the glamour!

  1. French twist

This isn’t just any old French twist! It has the classic roll in the back but a pompadour feel in the front- that’s right, fresh and funky!

Any woman could pull this off, no matter her age. Begin by teasing hair lightly in the front from the hairline to the middle of the head. Set with hair spray or, if you're working with day-old hair, dry shampoo. Sweep hair back to the left side with your hands and roll from the top to the bottom. Secure with U-shaped pins, and let the fly-aways fly.