We are all looking for the next beauty hack to help improve our skin, but what if we told you that you could eat your way to better skin?

It might sound too good to be true but your diet can drastically improve your skin and you’ll only have to wait days before you start seeing an improvement. Don’t believe us? Well add a few (if not all) of these foods into your diet and see for yourself!

Almonds: Here is a fun fact for you, almonds aren’t actually nuts, they are seeds! These little bad boys are packed full of vitamin E which blocks free radicals from entering the body. In other words, Vitamin E plays a huge part in the anti-aging process by stopping the very thing that ages you! Add a handful of almonds to your diet each day to help with anti-aging.. who doesn’t want to look a little younger?!

Carrots: We’ve all grown up believing that if we eat more carrots we will be able to see better in the dark, but in reality if you eat more carrots you are going to help your skin clear up any break outs. Carrots are full of Vitamin A which prevents the over production of cells in the skins outer layer. How does that help with breakouts you ask? A break out is when dead cells and the skins oils combine to clog the pores, if you have Vitamin A helping to minimize the over production of cells, you’ll have less cells to clog your pores!

Chocolate: Ok, ok, before you get too excited, we have to be honest, it is dark chocolate you need to be having. The flavanols (antioxidants) in dark chocolate help reduce the roughness of the skin and protect your skin from sun damage.

Green Tea: Hold up, is there anything that green tea can’t fix?! It doesn’t look like it. Along with all of the incredible benefits this wonder tea has, it can help prevent skin cancer and reverse the effects of sun damage. A hot tip - literally: make sure to drink it nice and hot! As it starts to cool the antioxidants degrade)

Spinach: Packed full of folate, these delicious leaves help repair and maintain your DNA, in simple terms it helps your cells ability to renew themselves!

Our last hot tip for beautiful skin, is to try and avoid sun exposure. The sun is extremely damaging to the skin and can cause wrinkles, aging, sun spots and in some cases cancer. If you love a glow, but want one the healthy way, then book in for a spray tan! We use Moroccan Tan which is packed full of nourishing vitamins and organic oils which will help improve the skin too!

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