Be prepared with our waxing DO’S and DON’TS to help care for your skin.


  • Wash your skin daily to keep follicles clean and free of bacteria.
  • Moisturise your skin daily and straight after waxing – particularly around the bikini line - as the hair follicles are open and more susceptible to infection.
  • Exfoliate your skin one week after your Brazilian bikini wax with a body wash or body scrub using a glove or mitt 2-3 times per week.
  • Always shower after exercise to clear follicles of perspiration which can lead to bacterial infections.
  • Wear cotton or no underwear at night to allow your skin to breathe.
  • Prevent ingrown hairs by using our BB Soothe product once per day after waxing. If you are particularly prone to these little devils you can always book an additional 10 minutes with each appointment for a professional ingrown hair removal service.
  • Apply ice, an anti-histamine lotion, or a moisturiser after waxing to reduce redness or irritation if your skin is super sensitive.



  • Exfoliate your skin until 3-5 days after your wax.
  • Exfoliate your skin every day as this dries up normal healthy oils in your skin, making it harder for hairs to come through the skin.
  • Use natural loofas as bacteria thrives in the natural fibers.
  • Apply any deodorants or perfumes until 24 hours after your wax.
  • Wear make-up straight after a facial wax.
  • Go out in the sun 24 hours prior or 24 hours after waxing.
  • Pick at your ingrown hairs as this may cause scarring. Book an additional 10 minutes with each appointment for a professional ingrown hair removal service.
  • Shave between waxing treatments as this can distort the hair growth cycle.
  • Exercise straight after a waxing treatment.
  • Swim in chlorinated pools or at the beach for 24 hours after your waxing treatment.
  • Wear tight rubbing clothes after your wax as this may irritate the skin and cause ingrown hairs.
  • Wax just prior or immediately after your period as your skin is more sensitive. We’re happy to still have you in but it just may be a touch more uncomfortable for you.

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We’ve got the best skin care products to help prep and nourish your skin

Our range is exclusive to Brazilian Butterfly beauty salons and is designed specifically to look after your skin before and after our treatments. They are all Australia-made, contain a high level of natural ingredients, and are not tested on animals.

To best prepare and care for skin around waxing treatments we recommend;

  • BB Tea Tree Body Wash
  • BB Body Scrub
  • BB Glove
  • BB Mitt
  • BB Tea Tree Body Lotion
  • BB Delicate Body Lotion
  • BB Soothe

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