Laser Hair Removal FAQ's

With 14 years' experience Brazilian Butterfly are the experts in hair removal, and laser hair removal is no exception. Laser hair removal is a fast, gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair from areas of the body with long term results. To help give you a better understanding of laser hair removal, and to ensure you make the most of your treatments, we have answered our most frequently asked questions below. We have also provided several tips and tricks on caring for your skin before and after your treatments.

Is it painful?

The sensation is often described as a “hot pinch” or “snapping” feeling. It only lasts for a fraction of a second and a warm and/or tingling sensation is experienced for a short time afterwards. There’s an active cooling epidermal on the tip of the applicator set to 5°C that makes the experience much less painful than other technologies.

Are there any side effects?

There are little to no effects of laser hair removal. Like waxing, you may experience temporary pinkness in the skin treated however it should only last a matter of hours. You may experience tenderness or dry skin in the area treated, for several days after your treatment which is why we developed BB Repair to help rehydrate and relieve the treated skin. 

The treated area will appear to shed hair over the next 3-4 weeks and there may be a short period of irregular hairlessness in the area until the conclusion of treatments, which is completely normal as you continue your laser treatments. We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions.

Are all areas treatable?

Most areas are treatable, except for those close to the eyes, ears and nose.

Will my hair be permanently removed?

The results of laser hair removal largely depends on your skin and hair type however most people experience no hair growth after 6 - 10 sessions. For those who do experience minor hair growth in the months following the end of their laser treatment we recommend booking in for a maintenance appointment. 


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Laser Hair Removal Tips

  • SPF 30+ moisturiser should be used daily on treated areas that are exposed to sunlight. This helps prevent hyperpigmentation (skin discolouration) and skin sensitivity.
  • Redness, swelling, and slight discomfort may be experienced immediately following your treatment but should subside within a few hours. BB repair or BB Delicate Body Lotion should be applied to soothe the treated area and restore hydration for the first 3 - 5 days after your treatment.
  • Do not expose the treated area to direct sun for a minimum of two weeks after your laser hair removal treatment. This also applies to spray tan applications and solariums.
  • Treated areas should not be exposed to heat and any activities that generate heat should be avoided. We recommend that you avoid heavy excercise, saunas, spas, or swimming pools for 48 hours after your treatment.
  • Visible results from your treatment may not be noticeable for up to four weeks following your treatment. Your treatment will have still worked but it does take time for it be apparent. 
  • Do not exfoliate any treated areas for 3-4 days after your treatment.
  • Do not wear deodorant for 24 hours if your underarms have been treated. Do not wear make-up or any facial cream, perfume or aftershave for 24 hours if you have had your face treated.
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry.
  • A week after your laser hair removal treatment, it is recommended you exfoliate the area every few days with BB Body Scrub to help avoid bumps and ingrown hairs and to help the hair shed from the area.

Tips for your next laser hair removal treatment;

  • Shave the area to be treated prior to arriving for your laser hair removal appointment. This does not apply to your first consultation as we will need to assess your skin and hair type to give an accurate recommendation. Do not shave soft blonde hairs unless advised by our Brazilian Butterfly team.
  • Avoid waxing between treatments as the roots of your hair need to be present for the treatment to be successful. Shaving, trimming, or depilatory creams may be used between treatments. If you do decide to wax you'll need to wait 4-6 weeks before you have another treatment.
  • Do not expose the treated area to the sun for a minimum of two weeks prior to your next appointment. This also applies to spray tan applications and solariums. Please advise our Brazilian Butterfly team if you have had any sun exposure.
  • Do not bleach the hair in the lead up to any laser treatments, if the hair is bleached you will need to allow it to grow back to its usual colour.

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