To compliment your beauty treatments with Brazilian Butterfly we’ve put together a list of 20 basic beauty tips you might not know, but we reckon you should. Enjoy!


1. Eye Cream Is Great For Cuticles
Instead of spending money on cuticle cream you can use extra moisturising and hydrating eye cream to cure dry cuticles.

2. Stop Your Hair Colour From Fading
If you've just had your hair dyed the last thing you want is for the colour to fade, so use a deep conditioning treatment once a month. This will help lock in colour and will help prevent your hair from drying out.

3. Emphasise Your Cheekbones
To make your cheekbones appear higher and to give them more structure, apply bronzer directly under the cheekbone. 

4. Always Sparkle
Why not sparkle everywhere, all year round? BBjazzle from Swarovski® can be applied anywhere at all (especially the bikini area) decorating all parts of your body with coloured crystals. How fabulous! Brazilian Butterfly offer different designs, are all non-allergenic, self-adhesive, and allow you to sparkle wherever you wish.

5. Create Fuller Lips
If you're sick of having thin, pursed lips, try extending your lip line using a neutral-toned lip liner. Then apply lipstick over top. Be careful though, don't extend your lip line too much.

6. Say No To Flaky Mascara
One of the main reasons mascara will flake onto your face after you apply it is because it's old. Opt for a new container and always remember to keep your mascara tube tightly sealed.

7. Dry Out Pimples
This may sound like an old wives tale, but dabbing toothpaste onto a pimple is actually a quick and easy way to dry it out.

8. You Can Use a Face Exfoliator Daily
Exfoliation for your face is an important and easy way to buff away the dead skin cells that cover up your skin's natural glow. Use a light exfoliator to freshen your face daily.

9. If You Have Greasy Hair
Avoid applying conditioner directly to your hair's roots, just apply heavy conditioning to the ends. 

10. Clean Your Makeup Tools
Whether you use a makeup pad, cotton tips, or a powder brush, make sure you clean your beauty tools. After even a couple uses they become breeding grounds for bacteria which can cause breakouts, eczema and many other skin conditions.

11. Remove Nail Polish Without Remover
If you run out of nail polish remover you can remove cracked or chipped nail polish by applying a clear top coat to the nail and removing it promptly with a cotton ball.

12. Mix It Up
Our skin craves different things depending on the time of year, so change up your beauty routine based on the seasons. In the winter add more moisturising creams to your daily beauty routine while in summer ensure you're using lots of SPF.

13. Hide Split Ends
To make split ends less noticeable, apply a heavy hair repair cream to lock in moisture before and after using a flat iron or a blow-dryer.

14. Find Your Shade
When choosing a foundation, test a product on the skin near your jawline. And be sure to do it in natural light. This will ensure the foundation tone you choose for your face isn't too different from the natural shade of your neck.

15. Stop Taking Supplements
Its true the healthier you are, the healthier your skin and hair will be. But popping supplements instead of eating a well-balanced diet can do more harm than good. Mixing certain vitamins and minerals can have the opposite effect of what you're hoping, so it is best to do your research first before you buy up large at your local supplement store.

16. Using Eye shadow Primer
Primer is a great tool that will help lock your eye makeup in place. But adding too much of it on areas of your face where you won't actually apply colour will actually detract from the look you're going for because primers are brighter in tone than most makeup shades.

17. Cut Back On Pedicures
Save money on your beauty routine by taking care of your feet on a daily basis. Simply scrub your foot with a pumice stone each morning in the shower. Once you step out and dry off, apply a moisture cream to your feet like BB Tea Tree Body Lotion. This will increase the amount of time you can go without a pedicure and will keep your toes healthy and fungus-free.

18. Replace Old Products Regularly
The effectiveness of products, not to mention the amount of bacteria they breed, diminishes after only a few months. Ditch old items and replace them with new ones.

19. Treat Ingrown Hairs
Invest in a product like BB Soothe to help prevent and treat ingrown hairs. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs book an additional 10 minutes with each beauty appointment for a professional ingrown hair removal service. Picking at ingrown hairs yourself may cause scarring.

20. Soften Skin
Immediately after a shower or a swim, apply some sort of cream to your skin like BB Delicate Body Lotion. Water washes away the skin's natural oils and applying moisture cream will prevent skin chapping.



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